The granite and copper monument in the center of Riga symbolizes Latvian statehood, national unity, independence and freedom.

The monument was funded entirely by donations from residents and constructed as a memorial to those who fell in Latvia’s struggle for independence. It was unveiled on November 18, 1935 as part of sculptor Karlis Zale’s project "Mirdzi kā zvaigzne!" (Shine Like a Star).

The Freedom Monument symbolizes the idea of independence. The 42.7 meter high monument is made up of 56 sculptures, divided into 13 sculptural groups on four levels, which depict Latvian history and culture.

At the base of the monument, the motto For Fatherland and Freedom is inscribed.

At the top of the monument’s obelisk is the nine-meter symbol of freedom – a young woman holding three stars above her head, which symbolize the three historic provinces of Latvia, and national unity.

Today, a two-man honor guard stands at the base of the monument, symbolizing Latvia’s sovereignty.


Raiņa bulvāris Brīvības piemineklis, Rīga
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Raiņa bulvāris Brīvības piemineklis, Rīga