After the collapse of the Sietiņiezis arch, the Great Ellīte arcade has become the only natural sandstone formation of its kind in Latvia. The cave together with the spring is a significant sacred site and very popular since ancient times.

It could be 6.5 - 7 thousand years old. The cliff continues to be quite distinctive – at the entrance to the cave there are protuberances, niches, hollows, and an arcade which is unique in Latvia.

Many legends and tales about Liepa’s Great Ellīte are known nowadays. One story says that a devil had hidden in there, and no prayers or priests were able to drive him out – he frightened the locals and did all sorts of disturbing things.

Finally arrived a priest who had no sins – the devil then tried to flee across the River Gauja to Sietiņiezis. The Gauja blocked the devil’s path, so he gathered up stones like turnips in his hat and dumped them into the depths of the river. A severe thunderstorm ensued, and the Thunder God struck the devil, who managed to "creep across the bottom of the Gauja to Sietīns".



Liepa, Liepa parish, Cēsis district
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Liepa, Liepa parish, Cēsis district