The track gauge of this line is 750 mm. The section of 33 km in length is the last remaining part of the Stukmaņi - Valka railway line put in operation in 1903. Three return trains provide passenger services between two district centers, following a daily timetable, and using diesel locomotives and carriages built in the 1960s and 1980s.

The Bānītis heritage railway has become popular with tourists due to the picturesque scenery through which it passes, as well as the sites of natural and historic interest. The operating company holds a number of various events, for instance, Easter and Christmas trips, as well as the annual Small Train Festival.

In order to combine a trip on Bānītis with a visit to the nearest tourist sites, travelers are being advised to use also their personal car.

By car or by a tour bus, visitors can get easy access not only to the Gulbene and Alūksne stations, but also to the mid-route stops at Stāmeriene, Kalniene, Paparde, and Umernieki.

The Gulbene-Alūksne heritage train also offers tours through the Gulbene Depot, a ride in a handcar, the Soviet-era atmosphere in an Estonian Communist Party leaders' "salon carriage", a show with border guards, buffet girls, and snacks, lodgings in the Gulbene Depot or in a carriage that once accommodated Communist leaders, as well as a tent site near the Depot.

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Viestura iela 12, Gulbene, Gulbene district

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Viestura iela 12, Gulbene, Gulbene district
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