The Knights’ Castle at Jaunpils surprises visitors with its might and the Medieval aura still present there – not just the halls and passages, but also in excursions and theatrical tours simulating the Middle Ages, and such characters as Monk Teodors.

Jaunpils Castle was built in 1301 as a Livonian Order castle, surrounded by a moat on three sides, and initially inhabited by small groups of knights. Later on the castle was reconstructed, the large defensive tower was raised, and the upper stories. In 1576, the castle was acquired by Thies von der Recke from the Recke Dynasty, which went on to own the castle for almost 350 years.

Jaunpils Museum

The oldest section of the living quarters houses Jaunpils Museum, which contains information about the castle and its owners, and about Jaunpils Region and the local populace.

A secret stairway connects the knight’s cellar with the landlord’s office and exhibition hall, where local artists and craftsmen display their works on a regular basis.

Medieval Pub

In one of the oldest section’s of the castle, under the vaults of the knights’ dining room, the Medieval Pub of the Jaunpils Castle is located. In candlelight and to the sounds of early music, guests of the castle have the opportunity to enjoy tasty meals that not many pubs are able to serve up.

The pub has long been known for its feasts that mean not just hearty meals but are a true Medieval-style adventure for groups of friends, colleagues, or families. The food served at such feasts can be enjoyed with both wooden spoons or with hands.

Medieval Festival and Carnival

Every year on the first Saturday of August, the annual Medieval Festival is held in the courtyard, featuring knights battling each other to win the favour of the fair lady of the castle, arts and crafts fair, concerts, and exhibitions. And on the evening of January 1 each year, Jaunpils Castle hosts annual Carnival – of course, those in masks are charged less for entrance.

Staying at the castle overnight

Jaunpils Castle offers not just weekend lodging, with the opportunity to stay overnight in Medieval apartments or rooms for two, but also a chance to hold a magnificent ancient or contemporary feast in one of the halls, featuring the unique aura and special foods.

Whatever happens here, it is bound to be special - because it has occurred in a castle over 710 years old!

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