Laumu Nature Park is a privately developed park in Talsi district with several special paths for exploring nature. For active recreation - bicycle and sport equipment rent, fishing and other activities.

Those who choose the Bee Path, led by a knowledgeable guide, can experience the role of a bee and of the old beekeepers, can get to know the secrets of the bee kingdom. The Birds’ Path gives an insight into the fascinating world of birds, into the history of the origins of the birds, gives the opportunity to inspect bird feathers, the construction of the wing, the diversity of nesting sites and nests, the diversity of birds’ eggs, beaks and legs.

Plant lovers can choose the Plant Path and observe approximately 40 species of yew-trees, junipers of various forms and other evergreens. Various climber plants and ornamental shrubs blossom here and 12 various species of water-lilies will bring pleasure to the unhurried observer. The peace and quiet of nature, as well as the mischief of the wind can be observed in the 2.3 km long Forest Path which shows various species of trees, moss, ants, beavers, it also leads to a guerrilla bunker. During winter the park offers the opportunity to go cross-country skiing.

Activities for children
Guide service available
Slow food
Cash only


Laumas, Īve parish, Talsi district
Active leisure

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Laumas, Īve parish, Talsi district
+371 29477731