Instructor-led boat trip with informative content, cognitive and cohesive activities along the lake and river systems of Kraslava region. The only offer of this kind in Latgale. During the kayaking you will enjoy untouched nature, overcome the obstacles created by it, get to know the nature and culture of the surroundings - you will escape from the daily hustle and disappear for a while in Latgale.

Suitable for everyone - companies, groups of friends, individual riders (more information can be found on their Facebook page). Children are invited to join from the age of 5.

Great holidays are also available in the LOST IN LATGALE sauna house, a camping site on the lake shore, a white/ authentic black sauna, a sailing boat trip and a storage room for Latvian antiques.

Guide service available
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Auriņi, Kropiškas, Krāslava, Kombuļi parish
Active leisure
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Auriņi, Kropiškas, Krāslava, Kombuļi parish
+371 25232244

Working hours:

Monday - Sunday
09:00 - 20:00