The museum’s collections tell the story of three occupations that Latvia experienced over the last century: the first and the second Soviet occupation, and also the German occupation.

Museum offers

historical documents, photographs and objects that tell about the policies of the occupation powers in Latvia; mementos left by those imprisoned and deported that bear witness to the terror inflicted on the people of Latvia; exhibits about the life and culture of Latvians in exile during the occupation; evidence of popular resistance against the foreign powers: guerrilla fights, national resistance group activities.

Corner House

The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia offers visits to the former KGB building, that offers a view on the relations between individuals and the system in the past, the relationships that still affect our conscience.

Memories of people

Wishing to keep the memory of the occupation live, many people donated their personal records and shared their recollections: the museum’s employees recorded more than 2000 accounts on video.

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Raiņa bulvāris 7, Rīga
Soviet and military heritage
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Raiņa bulvāris 7, Rīga
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