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Museum of peasant farm and machinery

To maintain the evidence to the next generations on typical Zemgale peasant farm, the collective farm "Uzvara" in 1975 started to arrange an open-air museum. Dwelling house, threshing barn, two granaries, cattle shed and smithy were taken to the museum territory and rebuilt.

Furniture, tableware, clothes and tools placed in buildings reflect working and living conditions of peasants and rural artisans in Zemgale in the first part of the 20th century. The second important exposition part is devoted to machinery, especially agricultural machinery. Museum exposition counts agricultural tractors, land cultivation tools, threshing-machines, trucks and cars. The museum has opened the playground for children.  On the territory of recreation complex you can hold a celebration with your own food, to lit the camp fire, to rent boats, to swim in the river Mūsa.

The cafe and a room with a fire-place and the sauna are available.

Bauska district, Gailīši parish
+371 26443496
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Monday - Sunday
11:00 - 21:00
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2.00 € - 20.00 €
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56.31133, 24.276313

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