The only biosphere reserve in Latvia, covering the 60-kilometer long Vidzeme shoreline of the Gulf of Riga and broad territories of North Vidzeme region, includes one of the biggest areas of raised bogs in the Baltic states, as well as the largest area of littoral or randu meadows in Latvia.

North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve is the only specially protected nature territory of its kind in Latvia, covering 457,600 hectares of land and 16,750 hectares of sea. The reserve was established in 1997 and already on December 15, 1997, recognized as a protected territory of international importance in the framework of the UNESCO program. It includes not only objects of nature, but also man as one of the elements – internationally significant nature and landscape values are preserved, ensuring sustainable social and economic development.

The territory of the reserve includes several protected nature areas, dendrological plantations, geological and geomorphic nature, as well as historical landmarks.

Enjoy the beauty of nature at North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve:

  • Go for a walk on the randu meadows and watch birds from a tower,
  • Watch birds and catch fish in Lake Burtnieki,
  • Watch birds in the Seda marsh,
  • Feel the power of water by the Veczemji seashore cliffs, where the water has formed from the land up to 6-meter high cliffs with caves and grottos,
  • Flash your torchlight in one of the longest sandstone caves in Latvia – the Liv sacrificial cave by the Svetupe River,
  • Enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Salaca River while boating, fishing or having a picnic on its bank,
  • Admire the 400-meter long Red Cliffs in the light of sunset,
  • Improve blood circulation in your feet by walking barefoot on the Vidzeme rocky seashore,
  • Hear your echo from the Skanaiskalns cliff and walk around the picturesque park,
  • Taste lampreys and see lamprey weirs that can only be found here!
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