Visit the most interesting locations of the Pape Nature Park, which include the shore of the Baltic Sea and its dunes, the Papes Lake, the high-level Nidas Marsh, various nature paths, wild horses and goats grazing in the floodplain meadows.

The core of the park is the Papes Lake, which is a lagoon-type lake located close to the seashore, and the Nidas Marsh with the outlying territories.

Wild horses and goats

Before humans started actively engaging in agriculture, wild horses, as well as goats and bison were commonplace in Europe’s nature.

These large herbivores consume grass, bushes, cane and tree bark ensuring the biodiversity of the meadows they inhabit, which is necessary for the survival of thousands of species of plants and animals.

The Pape Nature Park shows that, as you return species back to where they once lived, the rhythm of the nature revert back to normal.

Any trips and movement around the pastures must always be taken with a guide!

Take a trip on the nature paths

  • The 9 km Natural Process Path takes its visitors through five ecosystems: the lake, the meadow, the forest, the march and the dune.
  • The Lake Path is 32 km long and will become a challenge for those who want to travel around the Papes Lake: on foot or on a mountain bike.
  • Apart from wild goats and horses, the Orchid Path offers its visitors beautiful orchid species that rare for Latvia.

Pape, the birdwatching paradise

Since 1966, a birdwatching station is working in Pape, ringing and registering the migratory birds.

In autumn and spring, thousands of birds and chiropterans use the strip of land between the Papes Lake and the sea as a part of their migration routes. More than 200 species of birds migrate every autumn along the Pape shore.

Fishing villages

The park also includes the villages of Pape and Koņu, with fishing homesteads that still maintain rich cultural and historical heritage as well as old buildings.

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