On the spacious grounds of Riga Zoo’s affiliate “Cīruļi” you can meet the world’s largest herd of kiangs in captivity, rare European tree frogs and other exciting wildlife and farm animals.

Here you will find bears, lynxes, wolves, kiang herd, elks, eagles and vultures, and the legendary Latvian blue cow! The most observant visitors hear the song of the smallest frog of Latvia – the rare European tree frog, and even see it. This species had disappeared from Latvia, but is now back thanks to a reintroduction project carried out by Riga Zoo's staff.

"Cīruļi" animal collection includes 38 species of wildlife and 12 various farm animal breeds that are exhibited to the public in large enclosures.

A walk on “Cīruļi” trails and paths and a rest at a picnic site may take more than an hour - excellent relaxation from hectic everyday life. If you wish to plan your route around "Cīruļi" grounds beforehand, you may look at the virtual map of „Cīruļi”.

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Cīruļi, Kalvene parish
For children

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