Country resort "Valguma Pasaule/World" provides rest and relaxation in natural surroundings, even barefoot. Here we offer fine dining in our restaurant, overnight lodging, and much more.

Nature trails

Barefoot Path

Highly popular (2.6 km), a great opportunity in summer months to free your feet from confining shoes, experiencing a variety of surfaces and sensations.

Picturesque Path

At 4.5 km, this path entices you to peer into the surroundings because in the forest you will encounter colorful "freeze frames" full of natural wonders.

Board Games

This enthralling path is for both young and old as it includes over 20 board games of varied difficulty, while the Meditation Labyrinth is an opportunity to spend a moment alone.

Meditation Labyrinth

There are several choices, the Gothic one devised in 2010 is similar to the 13th century labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral in France

Bike Paths

In the vicinity of Valguma Lake, there are three routes to choose from (16 km, 17 km, 22 km) and several nature trails.


For athletes

For the sports-minded and those into a healthy lifestyle, the trails and paths near Valguma Lake are perfect for limbering up the entire body, taking in the invigorating smell of pine while Nordic walking or otherwise.

Try out and or train your adeptness and skills at your own pace in orienteering – a highly popular sports discipline in Latvia. Somewhat like an obstacle course, in the 4 km track, one must find 10 objects-points, in lively competition with Edgars Bertuks, the world champion. Great way for school children to experience nature first hand, not just as pages in science and biology textbooks.

Flora and Fauna

Also here, one can have a look at a forest in decay, mastered by termites, de-resined pine trees, conifer landscapes, conservation biotopes, rock outcrops at Slocene River, also the masterwork - and misdeeds, of beavers. Many will be lucky enough to have foxes and deer appear.


Wild ducks, wrens, woodpeckers, thrushes, finches even the black stork are just some of the species waiting to be observed! Relaxation at its best, especially for nature lovers.

For the avid fisherman

Perch, haddock, pike, tench, bream, cod, chub are just a handful of fish species inhabiting the lake.

"Valguma Pasaule" Resort

After a day of outdoor activity, comfortable accommodations await you in the hotel, weekend cottage or guest house.

Valguma Lake

Valguma Lake is located in Kurzeme's Engure Region. At 3 km length and 0.2 km width, its deepest part is 30 meters.

Local lore has Bishop Albert's golden carriage attacked by highway robbers, taking everything and taking the entourage hostage. The sole survivor was the Bishop himself, but his agitated six white horses jumped into the lake, sinking the carriage. On a clear day, it can still be seen.

There are many legends about the dukes of Kurzeme (Courland). Duke Jacob adored the wooded lakeshore and game hunting in the forest deep. Traces of what once was his lodge can still be found. Another ruler, Duke Friedrich Kazimir at Valguma established a large zoo.

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Valguma pasaule, Smārde parish, Tukums district
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