Continuing the old traditions of Valmiermuiža hospitality, the owners of the new brewery invite you to visit Valmiermuiža brewery. During the visit, it is possible to learn how the rich history of the manor has influenced the production of beer, how live beer is made from natural ingredients in a leisurely way and how to taste it according to the fashion of the manor lords. The duration of the visit and tasting of Valmiermuiža brewery takes about 1.5 - 2 hours.

The old barn building next to the brewery is home to a modern Latvian cuisine, where you can leisurely taste the praised Valmiermuiža beer and enjoy the hospitality of the owners (open until 19th of September 2020).

In the old barn building, which houses the beer kitchen, there is also a Latvian taste shop. It sells Valmiermuiža beer, as well as various delicacies, design dishes, sauna items and village bribes made by Latvian masters from near and far.

It is a place where everyone can find creative ideas for gifts.

By prior arrangement, both large and small are invited to enjoy horseback or pony riding in Valmiermuiža Park and ride in a nearby carriage or sleigh. The most curious are invited to go on an exploratory tour of the Valmiermuiža stable to get to know the daily habits, nicks and sticks of the horse family and to treat them to a treat.

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Valmiermuiža, Dzirnavu iela 2, Valmiera parish, Valmiera district
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Valmiermuiža, Dzirnavu iela 2, Valmiera parish, Valmiera district