The basic concept of Vienkoči Park is based on popularising single-piece wooden crafts and log-boat products; the development idea of the park is maximum application of natural materials. When walking along the trails, you can see various wooden sculptures.

The park is divided into several areas: the museum territory, landscape environment, wild nature, a classic garden and a modern area. As the aforesaid areas are united in one territory and border each other, one of the most important tasks is to achieve is that they do not compete, but rather supplement each other. The park provides an opportunity to see not only the artificially created objects, but to also see nature itself.

If you are quiet enough and look carefully during a visit to the park, you may see different wild animals. Water flowing in the ravine is like a miniature mountain river full of rapids as it rushes over stones and wind-fallen trees. One of the most interesting attractions is riding a log-boat and bathing in a log-bath. When it gets dark, evening guided walks by torchlight are available. The light forest and its many log lamps is especially ideal for evening events.

There are small log houses in the central part of the park. One of them is a romantic residential house available for stays; a woodworking workshop is set up in another house. The woodworking workshop is like a start for the future plan to build a proper museum with many buildings, as the collected exposition is sufficiently large and cannot yet be exhibited in its entirety.

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Vienkoči, Līgatne parish
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Vienkoči, Līgatne parish

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