The Zvartes Rock is one of the most popular and scenic sandstone outcrops in Latvia. It is located on the left bank of the Amata River in the Gauja National Park.

The rock has been named after a nearby farmstead, Zvartes, which was torn down after World War II. Now a visitor center has been built there.

The Zvartes Rock and its neighborhood offer great opportunities for leisure activities to be enjoyed by the whole family, a group of classmates or friends. There are several picnic areas for the convenience of visitors.

Also in the vicinity, one can take a look at Raganu Plavina (The Witches’ Meadow) and the Miglas Rock.

From there you can go on a short walk along the Amata River to the Veclaucu Bridge and back.

When boating enthusiasts flock to the Amata during springtime floods, the Zvartes Rock is an excellent vantage point to observe their activities.

Amata Trail

From the Zvartes Rock, one can take shorter or longer hiking trips on the trail along the Amata River from Melturi to where the Amata flows into the Gauja River. The Amata Valley is rich in dolomite and sandstone outcrops, beautiful scenery and diversity of flora and fauna. Except for the Zvartes Rock, other geological formations can only be seen by walking along the Amata Trail from Melturi to the Veclaucu Bridge or taking a boat ride on the river.



Drabeši parish, Cēsis district
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Drabeši parish, Cēsis district