Arendole manor is located in the Dubna river's picturesque place and surrounded by a hundred-year-old park. The manor is an architecturally exciting object; without any rebuilding, it has remained in the same look till the present days.

Until 1977, the manor was settled Āmuļu primary school; afterward, the manor stayed empty for a long time.

From abandonment and slow destruction, the manor was rescued by Arvīds and Faimja Turlaji, who bought the manor in 2001. Enthusiastically and with confidence they started to restore the old manor. Step by step the original interior was uncovered, renovated oven heating, arranged saloon and earl cabinet, exposition about manor history, and Latvian freedom fights were created.

The restoration continues, and there is still a lot of work to do, but visitors are more than welcome to visit and stay the night at the manor.

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Arendole, Arendoles muiža, Rožkalni parish, Preiļi district
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Arendole, Arendoles muiža, Rožkalni parish, Preiļi district