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Arendole manor

Arendole manor carries the biggest antique furniture and interior collection in East Latvia. A carefully restored manor house will surprise you with its rich history. Arendole manor – it’s a place for inspiration.

At Arendole manor, you will be able to discover

  • The manor house and its rich history
  • Exceptional work of restoration and preservation
  • Peaceful and idyllic countryside of Latgale

Arendole manor is a unique monument of the history and culture of its region. Built in the 18th century, it is one of the few privately owned manors in Latgale that are being carefully restored to its original state, using only preservative methods of restoration. In the manor house, you will see the original doors, stairs and even the glass of the windows.

At Arendole manor you can

  • Enjoy an exciting guided tour
  • Experience a stay at the manor house
  • Have a home-cooked meal by the lady of the house
  • Organize seminars, weddings, concerts and other cooperative events
  • Have an authentic experience of Latgalian Black Sauna with a swim in the river Dubna.
Vārkava district, Rožkalni parish, Arendole, Arendoles muiža, LV-5325
+371 29421413
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Accommodation Services & Facilities: 
Place for tents
Picnic area
Campfire place
Access for disabled people
Pets allowed
Place to celebrate
Optional meals
Boat rental
Conference Room
56.151328, 26.611161

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