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10 most instagrammable places in Latvia

Explore some of Latvia’s most photogenic locations! Thanks to some of Latvia’s most popular nature and lifestyle photographers for recommending their favourite places to photograph.

Gauja River Valley in Sigulda

I am truly amazed by the scenery of Sigulda throughout the seasons. I enjoy watching seasonal changes in the river Gauja valley, one taking place of the previous. This is my resting place.


Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk

The Great Ķemeri Bog is a top spot for nature lovers and photographers alike.

When the days are still warm but the temperatures drop at night mist starts to rise, turning the already epic landscape into a dramatic stage.

Arriving before sunrise is essential because it takes some time to reach the watch tower and the most beautiful light is right before and shortly after the sun peaks above the horizon. After that the mist disappears quite quickly.


The most Instagrammable crossing in the Old Town Riga

The view from Krāmu Street to Restaurant 1221 on Jauniela in Old Riga is so popular that it’s become iconic among locals and visitors alike.

I often see tourists taking photos and telling their companions “This is that place!”

The colourful buildings, the roofs and the old cobblestone form a composition that isn’t found all too often.


Northern Fort in Liepāja

The forts at Liepāja are one of my favourite photography locations. I've travelled all over the world and not seen anything quite like it yet.

I'd found these forts many years ago on some photography sites and since then it was a dream of mine to shoot them.

The juxtaposition of crumbling buildings out in the sea makes for quite a surreal experience and an even better photograph!


The White Dune in Saulkrasti

Nature is most appealing at the moments when it reveals its true colours - at sunrise, at sunset, during a storm, morning dew and the northern lights.

I went to the White Dune at the end of October when the chilly mornings were showing the first signs of winter.

The White Dune is a distinctive place. You can watch how Pēterupe River makes its way to the sea and hike along the well-equipped trails in the dunes. Each viewing platform offers slightly different scenery.


Window at the Latvian National Museum of Art

After its reconstruction, the Instagram window has become one of the new symbols of the Latvian National Museum of Art. In fact, there are three of them. Peek through them to see the Art Academy of Latvia, the Nativity of Christ Orthodox Cathedral and Riga from a new vantage point!


Lake Kanieris nature trail


Lake Kaņieris is unique mainly because of the trail running right through it. You actually walk on a floating platform surrounded by long reeds, and see and hear an array of birds. All this combined with early morning or evening sun offers quite a surreal experience.


Pine forest

Pine forests have a special kind of beauty to them. Sunlight bounces off the tree trunks, the scenery is so vast, and the surroundings are seemingly transparent.

Upon taking a photo, the branches are not in the way because they only grow at the tip of the trees. The orange-reddish tree trunk vividly contrasts with the green moss and green pine tree crown.

This photo was taken in the Slītere National Park of an overgrown firebreak. The sun was just at its rise, illuminating just one spot of the pine valley. I made my travelling companion run to this illuminated spot as fast as possible.

Everything got together successfully in the photo. The forest, the valley, the sunlight, and the man in a trendy yellow jacket.


View from Riga St Peter’s Church tower

St Peter's Church tower is the perfect spot for getting a bird’s-eye view of Riga at all times of the year. In winter, see the roofs sprinkled in fresh snow. 


Cabin in Lāčupīte arboretum

Lāčupīte Arboretum and its cottages were discovered 4 or 5 years ago. I love this place because of the fresh air and beautiful nature.

Most of all, I like to be there during the flowering of the rhododendrons when it feels like time has stopped and, for some reason, the photos always come out particularly well.

The unusual cottages are also photogenic so the arboretum has become a favorite for Instagram photographers.

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