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Holiday destinations for coffee lovers

Coffee culture in Latvia is constantly evolving – the opening of various roasteries contributes to the understanding and knowledge of coffee lovers about this ancient and special drink. Making coffee is really an art and a special ritual. Besides enjoying, there is the opportunity to learn the process by visiting local roasteries.

Roasteries and coffee tastings in Latvia

Enjoy coffee in Gulbene – “Tīrs miers” 

Kafijas grauzdētava

Not far from the town Gulbene there is the coffee roastery “Tīrs miers”! The people standing behind this have gained knowledge and international experience abroad to bring it back to Latvia. It is the sharing of knowledge and enthusiasm that is one of the reasons why this roastery has been built – to gather like-minded coffee lovers.

When visiting this roastery, you will learn about its creation, the coffee bean journey from the plantation to the cup, the different types of coffee drinks and their differences. And, of course, you will not only listen, but also enjoy! Here you will have the opportunity to taste coffee from several countries and try different brewing methods and brewing tools that you may not have even heard of before. After the tasting, there will definitely be a favourite, so you will receive recommendations from coffee experts on how to best make such coffee at home.


“KUUP” – authentic Latgalian coffee roastery

Kafijas grauzdētava Latgalē

Continuing the trip to coffee roasteries in the regions of Latvia, be sure to visit Rēzekne and “KUUP”! This is the first designated coffee roastery in Latgale, and it has already been appreciated by coffee lovers all over Latvia.

“KUUP” is a family business that is especially proud of Latgale, its culture, as well as the language and special temperament of Latgalians. According to the founders of the roastery, Latgale is genuine, sincere and warm, and they want to convey exactly the same values with their high-quality product – authentic coffee. If you are visiting Rēzekne, book a tour of the roastery! You will get to know the story of Latgale coffee and “KUUP”, behind the scenes of the roasting process and, of course, enjoy the tasting.

Currently, coffee by “KUUP” to be made at home can be purchased in many cafes and designated stores not only in the region of Latgale, but almost all over Latvia.


The new old: “Curonia Coffee” in Kuldīga

Curonia kafijas grauzdētava Kuldīgā

Coffee roasting has been known in Kuldīga since the 17th and 18th centuries, when Duke Jacob imported coffee into Kuldīga as one of the exclusive products, whilst developing trade between Kuldīga and other Hanseatic cities, as well as other farther lands.

“Curonia Coffee” introduces the coffee-making process from field to cup. How is a coffee bean turned into a tasty beverage? Subject to prior booking, you can go on the journey of coffee enjoyment. You will also learn some tips to make your coffee at home just as tasteful and enjoyable.

The cafe “Kursas Zeme” is home to “Curonia Coffee”, which offers roasted coffee, which can be enjoyed sitting in a relaxed atmosphere with a view of the ancient town square.


Coffee tasting at Rocket Bean Roastery in Riga

Kafijas grauzdētava Rīgā

While Rocket Bean Roastery is among the most popular coffee roasteries, it also contributes to spreading the word of Latvia abroad. Great enthusiasm and dedication for the creation of custom-made coffee is what results in a high-quality product, and hospitable service is offered in two cafes in Riga.

“Cupping” stands for attractive coffee tasting. Behind every great coffee are countless tastings, during which coffee experts come to the ideal roasting recipe and the unique blend of flavour and aroma. During the tastings hosted by “Cupping”, visitors will learn to distinguish freshly roasted coffee from packaged coffee from the store, getting to know the special nuances of taste and aroma of coffee.

Book a coffee brewing master class or brew coffee yourself under the guidance of Rocket Bean Roastery barista, getting to know different brewing tools and ways to make coffee.


Where can you go for a relaxing cup of coffee?

“Kalve Coffee” in Rīga

“Kalve Coffee” is a popular place for locals to buy coffee beans for personal use later at home or to enjoy coffee in modern, sophisticated premises on-site. Or opt for a take-away, if that’s what you prefer. Coffee enjoyment is often combined with a side-snack, which inspired “Kalve Coffee” to open their own in-house bakery offering pastries, sandwiches and cakes.

A touch of France in “Kūkotava”

The cafe “Kūkotava” in Riga is famous for its delicious cakes, pastries and doughnuts with queues lining up at the door. And aromatic coffee is the best side to it. This is a great place for dates, romantic moments alone or with friends.

A relaxed moment in the cafe “Tērbata” in Valmiera

If you are visiting Valmiera, we recommend the cafe “Tērbata”, where you can enjoy aromatic coffee and delicious snacks. It serves lunch at noon, while evenings are reserved for refreshing cocktails and music.

A piece of Italy in Liepāja – “Cafe Juliet”

The small and cosy cafe in Liepāja – “Cafe Juliet” – offers authentic Italian food and coffee, of course. Next to it you will find the famous Juliet’s Romeo – the ice cream shop “Romeo”! Italian ice cream or gelato will remind you of those special holiday moments while still in Latvia.

Feelings of a bohemian life in the art space “Mala” in Cēsis

If you prefer a more informal ambience, you will find the art space “Mala” spot on! Enjoy coffee, delicious vegetarian meals, delicacies and the feeling of visiting an old friend – calm and cosy.


Whichever coffee you choose to enjoy in Latvia, we recommend that you enjoy it slowly and with all your senses. And if the world of coffee has enchanted you, we recommend getting to know different types of coffee and finding your own, favourite flavour bouquet.

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