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Be it winter or summer, the narrow cobbled streets of Kuldīga are charming year-round and are Latvians’ own favourite local destination for a romantic getaway.

Take a walk around the old town

For scenic walks, choose the well-maintained walking trails on either bank of the Venta River. The tidy urban environment and the pleasant atmosphere of the city make it ideal for romantic walks. Kuldīga is commonly known as the Nordic Venice and, due to the water that flows through it and its abundant historical architecture, it is included in UNESCO’s Latvian National Register.


Wade through the Venta Rapids

A visit to Kuldīga is not complete without wading across the Venta Rapids, Europe’s widest waterfall. A definite must-do when visiting Kuldīga! Alternatively, you could go for a swim in the Venta at the Mārtiņsala blue flag bathing area. If you would rather stay dry, we recommend observing the calm waters of the river from the old brick bridge.


Enjoy a gourmet meal

Kuldīga boasts a very developed restaurant and café culture. Just consider that, for the second consecutive year, the Goldingen Room restaurant has received the recognition of the prestigious “White Guide” of Nordic restaurants.


Relive the history of Ancient Kuldīga

Senās kuldīgas stāsts Dzīvais muzejs

If you are looking for a historical and maybe even a slightly spooky experience, we recommend visiting The Ancient Kuldīga Story live museum, where you will both experience and learn about the reign of Duke Jacob, the types of medieval punishment, and the tough times of the plague.


Visit the Nornieki ostrich farm

The Nornieki ostrich farm is the largest in Latvia and is located only 22 km from Kuldīga. Here you will have the opportunity to see the large African birds and their offspring and to taste a variety of local delicacies in the family restaurant.


Discover the Riežupe sand caves

Not far from Kuldīga, there is a unique opportunity to explore the more than 2-km-long underground labyrinths of the Riežupe sand caves, the largest cave system in Latvia. Within the cave system, you can also find the Love Cave, where flowers left by newlyweds keep well for months despite having no water (thus introducing a supernatural force into the lives of the new couples!).


Learn about the art of ceramics

In Padure Parish of Kuldīga Municipality is the “Saules ceplis” pottery workshop of the designer and potter Madara Atiķe. She is one of the few craftsmen who makes pottery by following ancestral techniques, creating each piece of work completely by hand and firing the creations in an open-fire pit kiln. The potter will introduce you to the very beginnings of pottery, the creation process, and the specifics of kiln firing.


These are just a few suggestions for a romantic weekend in and around Kuldīga. If you are planning your holiday trip around Latvia, we recommend you use this route planner.

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