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What to experience on a trip to Zemgale?

Zemgale clearly has its own charm - green plains, rye fields, beautiful nature, manors and much more. Read and get inspired to plan your next trip to Zemgale!

Abgunste Manor

Abgunstes muiza

You can rejoice and celebrate in the manor, and you cannot just see it from the outside and inside, but you can also book a room and spend the night. In this Zemgale manor you can find creativity for all kinds of art, culture and creative processes, contemporary design and celebration of life. The manor offers an excursion inside and around the manor with stories, an adventure game or “quest” and a creative house (workshop).


Berkene manor

Berkenes muiza un spa

If you want to relax and are looking for wellness treatments, then Berkene Manor and its spa is the right place! The spa offers wellness treatments for wellness and health: sauna and Turkish / steam room, jacuzzi, contrast foot bath and a pool with a counter-current, cascade, underwater foot and back massage. The guests of the manor will receive an individual approach, as well as a pleasant and peaceful rest with the family.


Bauska Castle

Bauskas pils

Bauska Castle is located in a fabulous place near the Lielupe River, and there you can see not only the castle, but also the Bauska Castle Museum in it. In the museum you can see the exposition of the history of Bauska castle, the exhibition “Bauska castle as a military fortification”, the exhibition of costumes and ornaments of the Duchy of Courland and the expositions of the interior of the northern and southern buildings of the castle. If you are looking for something more active, then definitely try a dress master class!


Mazmežotne manor

Mazmezotnes muiza

Breathe in and indulge in the harmony of Mazmežotne manor - a romantic and leisurely rest with energy-restoring rituals in the atmosphere of a country manor - steam baths, saunas, massage, counter-baths and jacuzzi. All this so that you can leave relaxed, energetic and ready for new adventures!


Rundale Palace

Rundales pils

Rundale Castle is an outstanding Baroque and Rococo monument in Latvia, and it is also a place to dance! There is a dance master class in the castle, where you can dance in the castle hall. However, the beautiful French garden, designed by Francesco Rastrelli in the 17th century, will not leave you indifferent.


Restaurant "Zoltners"

Restorans Zoltners

A great place for dinner in Tērvete is the restaurant "Zoltners". The atmosphere created by the charming landscape behind the restaurant window and the interior is a great place to enjoy a leisurely meal. It should be mentioned that in 2019, "Zoltners" was named one of the best restaurants in Latvia and entered the top of the restaurant table.


Lielplatone manor with Vešūzis

Lielplatones muiza

Vešūzis is authentic 18/19. century laundry house, where an ancient laundry traditions cognition program is available. It has three floors, where on the first floor everyone has the opportunity to get acquainted with the ancient process of washing and ironing laundry, on the second floor there is a tumble dryer, and on the third floor there is a guest room. It is not just an excursion - it is possible to try the old farm processes yourself and get to know the image!


Recreation complex "Miķelis"

Mikelis retro

In the complex "Miķelis" there is an exposition where you can see various retro cars. There is also a new, modern hotel and entertainment facilities - boat rental, sauna, picnic areas. "Miķelis" is located by the river Mūsa, which gives additional charm to this place in Zemgale!

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