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In Alūksne, breathtaking landscapes can be seen in all seasons. If you have not yet managed to get to know this city, then head for a breath of fresh air in Alūksne region right now!


Fly higher!

In the picturesque Tempļakalns park, you will be able to take both beautiful photos and be at the highest point in Alūksne. It is this place that makes Alūksne the highest city in Latvia.

Climb even higher! Climb the 153-step-high Alūksne observation tower, or “attach” wings and enjoy the zip line “ZZZIPPP” across Lake Alūksne.


Indulge in the charm of Lake Alūksne!

The eleventh largest lake in Latvia delights travellers with the wide range of water activities possible there, the Ezertaka nature trail, and a bicycle route that lead around the lake! Catch Cepurīte Island in the palm of your hand, and feel the touch of nature in the city!


Feel the charm of the city around the narrow-gauge railway (“Bānītis”) station in Alūksne

Start your exploration of the railway block by visiting the internationally acclaimed multimedia exposition “Alūksnes Bānīša stacija”. Experience a journey through the tastes of the world in the historic station building, home to the burger cafe “Tvaiks X Ogle”. Stay overnight at the former train station hotel, which has recently been reborn as the design “Bahnhof hotel”, and take a shorter or longer trip with the only regular narrow-gauge railway train in the Baltics.


Get to know the domestic life of a Malenian!

Malenians are sincere people and true patriots of their region - for them, the year begins during the cemetery festival, which takes place at the same time as the city festival, where people enjoy real traditional Malenian food, including profiteroles, and dance until the morning light. Malenians use words that other Latvians do not understand, for example: “krilcs” instead of “slieksnis” (meaning ‘threshold’) and “lumpis” instead of “mazs dīķis” (meaning ‘small pond’). Everyone can learn these words at the Jaunlaicene Manor Museum. To understand the management skills of this region, you can visit the proud Vidzeme farmstead - namely, the Viktors Ķirps Ate Museum in Kalncempju parish.


Experience the rhythm of the seasons!

A pronounced seasonal rhythm is characteristic of Alūksne. Here you will enjoy both hot summers and harsh winters. In summer, enjoy the wide range of activities on Lake Alūksne and train your skills in disc golf at the recreation complex “Mežinieki”; in winter, make the big catch in one of the ice fishing competitions on the surrounding lakes and/or go skiing on the area’s well-organized pistes. You can admire the splendour of golden autumn or the twittering of birds in spring by going on a bicycle ride in the protected landscape area of “Veclaicene” or by climbing one of the area’s three observation towers.


Discover the border region!

There are only three such places in Latvia where the borders of three countries meet. Visit one of them - Pededze - the meeting point of Latvia, Estonia, and Russia. Feel the peculiarity of Pededze in the local architecture - in the buildings of Ķurši village and in the Ķurši St. Prophet Elijah Orthodox Church. Participate in the traditional celebrations of the border region; experience the winter joys of Maslenica in Pededze at the end of February by riding in a horse-drawn carriage, having fun with folklore experts, and eating blini.

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