This year we celebrate the 741st birthday of Valmiera, and the 120th anniversary of the outstanding race-walker, winner of Latvia's first Olympic medal, patriot, Valmierian Jānis Daliņš. Therefore, on Valmiera's birthday, we will invite you to look at the modern world through the eyes of Jānis Daliņš. Let's walk together for a while to learn the extraordinary and inspiring story of Jānis Daliņš and meet the joy of life on Valmiera's 741st birthday!

Plan July 26-28 in Valmiera! Concerts with "Labvēlīgais tips", "Raxtu Raxti", "bet bet", Paula Dundere, M* Sencis, "Oranžās brīvdienas", RAUM, "Lands", "Trad.Attack!" (Estonia) – and that's not all! Ball, holiday market, cinema, rogaining and much more. Take a look at, there will be all the latest information!



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Valmiera, Valmiera district