For only 3 weeks, from June 3rd to June 22nd, in the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia, Artificial Intelligence, digital artists and the Skudras Metropole team are coming together to create a new experience - a contemporary pop-up gallery "Digital Flower Gallery - Champagne Bar".

The possibilities created by technology, installation art combined with charming, passionate femininity, music sound art and floriography.

The real world intertwined with the unreal world. Impossible stories in reality. An adventure of emotions, which is formed from everyone's own experiences and feelings. Seductive and restrained, dreamy and poignant. Fantasy realized in life or life in fantasy...


Digital Flower Exhibition.

The story of a woman's life - conversations between flowers.

6 art works in which flowers, the dominant rose - a symbol of desires, beauty and perfection - depict the contrasts of an idyllic life and a dark underwater current. A woman has thousand roles, soul openings, thirst for balance and harmony, which are reflected in the reality of life. Processes of change in man and society. Questions and answers between the flowers.

The digital flower exhibition is complemented by a Champagne rose bar, where the visitor becomes a part of the installation, interacting with the environment, enjoying excellent Lanson champagne, a special Laima Lukss dessert created for the Gallery and a newly created Löfbergs coffee drink.


The project is supported by Samsung's innovative technologies and the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia.

The taste of the experimental project is provided by chocolate Laima Lukss, champagne Lanson, sparkling non-alcoholic wine Murviedro and coffee distributor Löfbergs Latvija.


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Kandavas iela 2A