In cooperation with one of the world's most important multimedia festivals "MUTEK", which was founded in Canada 25 years ago, the festival will offer three collections of virtual reality artworks created by artists France Jobin and Markus Heckmann, Chloe Alexandra Thompson and Matthew Edwards, as well as Line Katcho. The artworks have evolved from unique live performances into virtual reality experiences that allow art connoisseurs around the world to experience them and demonstrate the diversity and possibilities of art forms offered by modern technology.

This year, the festival has also created a special art and education program for young people, within the framework of which five new works have been created, which talk about current topics in the multimedia language - nature protection, freedom of the body, generational conflicts, etc. Artists from Latvia and Norway are involved in the program. 

The contemporary dance association "IevaKrish", electronic music artist Leo Novus, Those Guys Lighting (Latvia) with the light installation "Divine geometry", Gala Stage (Estonia) with the light installation "Portal of Feelings" and others will also participate in the festival.


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