Everyone is invited to Mežaparks to the Midsummer Outdoor Ball to celebrate the shortest night and the longest day of the year, honouring nature, fertility, ancestral traditions, while dancing all night long.

An open-air dance ball (zaļumballe) is a beautiful and sonorous Latvian word that is still used to describe a summer outdoor event with music and dancing. It is true that each generation has different associations with this word. For the younger ones it's a party with a DJ, for people in their forties it's associated with colourful lights in the darkness of a rural stage. Those who grew up in the post-war period think of green spring and summer balls with beautiful melodies performed by a stage band and a soloist. For those who remember the "good old days", balls outside with a brass band, waltz and tango are in memory. 

A buffet will be open all night long.


Mežaparks Green Theater

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Mežaparks, Rīga