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To Ventspils with the whole family


Children are inquisitive, and on holidays they will gladly not only enjoy the merry-go-rounds, but also explore the stars.

The beautiful port town Ventspils offers a variety of recreational activities to every visitor of the city, but especially welcome are families with children.

The most visitors arrive in summer, of course, because they are especially charmed by the beach, the quality of which has been certified by the Blue Flag for more than 20 years. Yet the people of Ventspils try to make sure that the visitors would come also in other seasons.

Last summer, Science and Technology Museum "Kurzemes Democentrs" has found a new home in Ventspils and is now located in a low energy consumption building, and for that reason alone attracts the interest of observant children, youth and grownups.

The first floor of the building houses a new exciting exhibition on climate change that in an unusual and interactive way explains to the visitors of the museum the causes and consequences of the climate change, as well as solutions and possibilities of adaptation. During the excursion that will be especially interesting to inquisitive, active and creative children and teenagers, the visitors of the museum solve various tasks: they try to save the world by the power of their thoughts, step into the shoes of a state manager, change the level of CO2 pollution, participate in car racing, etc.

The second floor is a home to technical and creative workshops; by applying in advance, it will be possible to participate in exciting classes for the children of various ages.  

The largest Planetarium of digital technologies in the Baltic States and an Observatory with an advanced telescope are also located in Ventspils. Colourful popular science and animation films about the heavenly bodies are demonstrated in the Planetarium. By the help of interactive classes even the smallest spectators can familiarise themselves with the objects of astronomy.

In Observatory, the visitors can look at the stars and planets, and even the Sun itself in bright daylight by looking at it through special filters.

Families with children are always welcome also in the Ventspils Museum located in the castle of Livonian Order. Ventspils is one of the oldest cities in Latvia, mentioned in the historical documents already in 1290 and the origin of whose establishment can be linked to construction of this castle of Livonian Order.

The castle was built as a convent-type building with an inner courtyard, and it may be considered as the oldest medieval fortress in Latvia that has maintained its original size almost unchanged.

But what should do those visitors, those families with children who wish only to relax and be entertained? A wide range of offers is available. In Ventspils you can find an Adventure Park, The Seaside Open Air Museum with the narrow gauge train called “Mazbānītis”, children's playgrounds, Water Amusement Park and spa centre and excursion boat “Hercogs Jēkabs”, the coastline appropriate for pleasant unhasty walks, and there are many other options.

The visitors may also look into the city's calendar of events because exciting plans become reality one after another. For example, in 2017, in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Latvian statehood setting a new Guiness world record in "Fastest and most people at once plant the bulb flowers" has been planned in Ventspils. If you know the people of Ventspils, you can be assured that this pleasant and ambitious planting of snowdrops will be realised, and the city will become even more beautiful.