Blankenfelde manor is located in Jelgava region, Vilce parish, only a few minutes away from the Lithuanian border. Surrounded by the vast plains of Zemgale, the manor is a great place to enjoy the peaceful peace and charm of the countryside, looking at the buildings of the manor complex - the gatehouse and manor house and the large manor park with ponds, listening to the stories of history.

On the second floor of the stable are tastefully decorated, cozy hotel rooms. Visitors can spend the night there, enjoying the ancient atmosphere of the manor together with modern comfort. For a separate fee, you can enjoy the landlord’s breakfast in the renovated gate house restaurant.

Blankenfelde Manor has long been well-known for fruit growing, but elderberry is a symbol of the manor. Elderberry wine and juice were produced and sold, but elderberry flower tea was especially in demand among ladies and was considered a great slimming agent!

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Blakenfelde, Blakenfeldes muiža, Vilce parish, Jelgava district

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Blakenfelde, Blakenfeldes muiža, Vilce parish, Jelgava district

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