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Castle of Livonian Order in Sigulda

The Livonian Order Castle of Sigulda was built in 1207 as a castella type castle, however, it was later rebuilt into a convent type building. A contemporary seeker of medieval aura can climb the northern and main gate tower of the castle. An open-air stage located in the centre of the castle hosts concerts and festivals, including the International Sigulda Opera Music Festival. 

In the ancient Gauja valley, shaped by the River Gauja and its tributaries, dozens of stone castles were erected and occupied in addition to the many castle mounds that were built by earlier locals. This area has the greatest concentration of castles not only in Latvia but also in Eastern Europe.

Geographically, the Gauja valley played an important role during the Crusades due to its existing network of waterways and land roads that were already in place.

The valley was also home to a variety of ethnic groups who each controlled their own lands. During the 13th century many new territories were established on the basis of war and battle.

Sigulda Medieval Castle was built by the Livonian Brothers of the Sword who were later incorporated into the Teutonic Order of the castle, thus the castle eventually became the property of the Livonian Order.

There is possibility to climb up into the Castle’s southern and northern towers which have been opened for the first time since the renovations. There is option to take a walk on the walls of the ruins to enjoy the pristine atmosphere and the beautiful views of Gauja river valley and the nearby historical monuments. The technical part of this project was executed by the office of Inara Caunite.  Annual concerts and festivals are organized on the open air stage of Sigulda castle-ruins. The most remarkable event is the Sigulda Opera Music Festival.

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