On the Kurzeme gulf coast - lakeside, lies one Latvia’s largest nature parks - a paradise for birds with almost all migrating species of Latvia converging on this locale. Also, a wide variety of wild animals spend their days in Engure’s meadows. Summertime is the time of the gorgeous orchids - and they alone are well worth the visit.


Bird-watching Days are family fun

Engure Lake is on the list of locales where the Latvian Ornithology Society holds one of its major events - Bird-watching Days (annually in April and October).

Observation towers have been erected at the lake, perfect for viewing the avian world, unspoiled scenery and wildlife.

Wild animals for you to see

Grazing the lakeside meadows are Latvian Brown, Highland, Hereford and Charolais cows, and Polski and Konik horses.

Stroll down the Pathway of Orchids

The Pathway of Orchids (Latvian: Orhideju taka) is 3.5 km in length. It begins at the Engure Ornithological Research Center and winds through calcified bogs, wooded areas and even further along the revitalized lakeside meadow, inhabited by cattle and horses. The season for this stroll is the end of June, early July.

Cycle ‘round Engure Lake

This is not the easiest 65 km long trek due to the terrain, but here is the marked route: Engure - Bērzciems - Mērsrags - Ķūļciems - Ezermuiža - Engure. The path through the pine tree forest is sandy in spots but the west side of the lake has often problematic gravel. The negatives here are dashed away by the positives: outdoor enjoyment provided by the lake and  the invigorating sea air. 


Engure parish, Tukums district
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Engure parish, Tukums district

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