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Gutmanala Grotto

Gutmanala is the biggest grotto in the Baltics. It is located in Sigulda, on the right bank of the Gauja River, not far from Turaida. The grotto’s origins date back 10,000 years when postglacial streams started eroding sandstone.

Gutmanala is an ancient cult site and a protected geological feature. It is 10 meters high, 12 meters wide and 18.8 meters deep. It is also notable for inscriptions on its walls. The oldest inscriptions are dated 1668 and 1677.

The Gauja River once was level with the grotto which was formed as the river and a spring that still runs through the grotto were both digging in sandstone. To this day, people claim that the spring water has healing powers.

Visitor center

There is a visitor center of the Gauja National Park not far from the grotto. The visitor center offers tourist information about natural, cultural and historical monuments near Gutmanala and elsewhere in the national park.   

The visitor center and the hiking trails in the area have been adapted to the needs of those in wheelchairs and families with babies in prams.

Sigulda district, Turaidas iela 2a, Sigulda, LV-2150
+371 61303030
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The grotto is situated on the left side of the road between Turaida and Sigulda behind the bridge across the Gauja River, if you are driving from Sigulda. 

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