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Gutman's Cave

The largest cave in the Baltic countries and also the oldest tourist attraction in Latvia. On the walls of the cave there are inscriptions from the 17th century. The legend of the Rose of Turaida began in this cave.

This is the widest and highest cave in the Baltics. It is 19 meters deep, 12 meters wide and 10 meters high. The cave was formed from the yellow-brown sandstone rock of the Gauja river bank; its formation is due to a millennium long interaction between the river and an underground spring.

The cave is considered the oldest tourist attraction in Latvia because visitors, from even the earliest days, wanted to leave “decorations” such as names, initials and the dates of their visits engraved on the walls of the cave.

Inside the cave you may even find coats-of-arms and names of various barons and estate owners. These were made-to-order for a fee by local craftsmen who would wait for wealthy visitors near the cave armed with tools, stepladders and templates. Today, it is no longer permitted to write on the cave walls because it is a protected archeological and geological monument.

The Gūtmaņala's neighbourhood is suitable for a leisurely stroll, you can examine the plants and possibly even meet animals that make the Gauja National Park special. Before going to Gūtmaņala, guests can visit the nearby Sigulda County Tourism Information Centre "Gūtmaņala" (next to the Gutman's Cave). We invite you to remember that the caves are located in the Gauja National Park area and ask to be attentive and respectful of the ancient geological monuments without damaging them!


Sigulda district, Turaidas iela 2a, Sigulda, LV-2150
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The grotto is situated on the left side of the road between Turaida and Sigulda behind the bridge across the Gauja River, if you are driving from Sigulda. 

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