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Gutman's Cave

Gutman's Cave is the largest cave in the Baltics is shrouded in legends and permeated with ancient energy. The cave was formed from the yellow-brown sandstone rock of the Gauja river bank; its formation is due to a millennium-long interaction between the river and an underground spring.

One legend has it that in ancient times the cave was home to a good man who used the water of the spring to heal people. The cave’s name is derived from the German phrase “gut Mann”, which means “good man”. That is why people believe that the spring has healing properties.

Gutman's Cave visitors like to hear their voice echoing back to them from the cave walls. For a moment it seems that the walls are quietly responding.

Sigulda district, Turaidas iela 2a, Sigulda, LV-2150
+371 61303030
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The grotto is situated on the left side of the road between Turaida and Sigulda behind the bridge across the Gauja River, if you are driving from Sigulda. 

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