The Ieriķi mill is more than 300 years old. It appeared for the first time on the map of Ieriķi manor in 1681. Once upon a time, they were built as part of the farm of Ieriķi manor. Only its impressive walls and the restored water wheel have survived from the mill. The water mill is included in the list of architectural monuments of local importance as a building monument.

There are plankways, small bridges, and a viewing platform on the banks of the river. The trail's total length is roughly 500 m, which suits families with children. End of October/ early November is the time to watch migrating salmons jumping over obstacles. In winter evenings and autumn, trail is illuminated with lights. You can dine in the nearby pub.

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Ieriķi, Drabeši parish, Cēsis district
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Ieriķi, Drabeši parish, Cēsis district