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Mežakaķis amusement park

Mežakaķis amusement park in Sigulda has a total of 82 obstacles, which are divided into six routes of different difficulty level. Each route starts and ends on the ground. The last obstacle in each of the routes is a descent with a special roller down the truss.

Children’s park or yellow routes

The children’s park is created for children, whose height or age still does not allow entering other routes of the park.

In this route, special equipment for children is used with easy-open safety karabiners. The height of the route above the ground ranges between 0.5–1 metres.

The parents can accompany their children in the route by walking along the obstacles and giving the necessary help and support.

Adult's park contains:

  • warm-up (green) route suitable for beginners and children;
  • blue route's obstacles are higher above the ground;
  • red route require's more physical efforts, courage, and balance;
  • black route with descent across the skiing route of Kaķīškalns;
  • white route created to avoid traffic jams on the black route.
Sigulda district, Sigulda parish, Senču iela 1, Sigulda, LV-2150
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