A more than half a kilometre long section of the Northern Wavebreaker in Ainaži has survived till these days. The coastal (randu) meadows stretching nearby abound in various bird species, but the wavebreaker itself is one of the rare sites offering an opportunity to watch birds at sea.

About the Northern Wavebreaker

Wavebreaker was built as a project for connecting the northern end of the Ainaži Wavebreaker to the coast. The temporary jetty at the dam's end was destroyed during the war, and the dam's wall was heavily damaged in two places by detonations.

Wavebreaker nowadays

It stretches for 361 m along the coast and for 482 m farther into the sea. The remains of the wavebreaker can also be seen further in the sea as huge rock islands.

Today it is a good place for romantic walks and watching sunsets.


Ainaži, Limbaži district
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Ainaži, Limbaži district
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