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The park of Liksna manor

In 1999, a walking path was made by the inhabitants of Liksna village, every year this path is been extended. Everybody can see different creations made of stone, metal and wood while walking the path as well as find out that this path rode a horse Polish national hero – Emilia Plater, who used to live in Liksna in 19th century. Emilia because of her lifestyle and character was always compared to Joan of Arc.

A portrait of Emilia Plater which was drawn by Sandijs Greiškalns is kept in a library of Liksna parish. In the park of Liksna manor a historic architectural monument – the chapel of Liksna manor, is located.

Daugavpils district, Līksna parish, Līksna, Daugavas iela 8
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