The company "Skrīveru saldumi" was founded in the beginning of 2006 in Skrīveri. At the moment, Skrīveri is a place that can be proud not only of the production of sweets "Skrīveru Gotiņa" (candy), which was not lost, but also with the company "Skrīveru saldumi" constantly developing and producing various sweets of high quality and a wide range of chocolate, dried fruits, nuts , seeds, candies and other valuable delicacies.

The company's motto is "The combination of helathy and sweet".

Since 2008, the company "Skrīveru saldumi" has been operating the confectionery workshop "Emotion factory", which welcomes tourists and students, telling about the history of the creation of candy Gotiņa both in Latvia and in Skrīveri.

In "Emotion factory" you can produce your own good emotions that will remain in the memory and in the pictures for a long time. There you can play the role of "Skrīveru Gotiņa" in the circle of family or friends, or get creative with marzipan and iris.

Entrance to a creative workshop without age limit - we are all at heart like children!

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Skrīveru pagasts, Daugavas iela 82, Skrīveri district
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Skrīveru pagasts, Daugavas iela 82, Skrīveri district
+371 20366668