UŽAVAS ALUS was founded in 1994 shortly after Latvia’s restoration of independence. Užavas Beer quickly gained popularity and it soon became clear that a home brewery would not suffice. Therefore, in 1999 a foundation for a second, larger brewery was laid next to the house that opened in 2000.

Užavas Beer stands by its strong values by brewing beer in the traditional way using only four natural components – water, barley malt, yeast and hops. Užavas Beer’s quality and balance of taste stands as an example of what a real beer should be!

Užavas Beer brewery is located 27 km away from Ventspils. Route: Ventspils – Kuldīga - Liepāja road (P108, P111), approximately 3 km after the village of Užava (road sign Užava), driving towards Liepāja City, you will see the brewery on the left side of the road.


"Alutiņi", Užava parish, Ventspils district
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"Alutiņi", Užava parish, Ventspils district