Valmiera Museum of Regional History and Art is located in the old centre of Valmiera, close to the old castle. The museum ensemble comprises eight houses within the area of the Livonian Order castle ruins, which were built and reconstructed in the 18th- 21th centuries. The houses contain exhibition halls, a depository, a reading room, and the facilities of museum administration. The museum was founded in 1959.

Valmiera Museum of Regional History and Art is one of the most significant depositories of historical valuables in Vidzeme. It contains around 60 000 artifacts, photos and documents of historical, artistic and archaeological value, which have been collected from the entire local district. The largest collections of artworks belong to the artists Teodors Ūders, Jānis Kalmīte, Rūdolfs Voldemārs Vītols and Pēteris Postaža.

In the renovated Exhibition House and the exhibition hall of Rūdolfs Vītols there are over twenty artistic, thematic, historical and other exhibitions opened on a yearly basis.

The museum offers excursions, lectures, various educational programs; wedding programs – to the newly-weds and their guests.

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Bruņinieku iela 3, Valmiera
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Bruņinieku iela 3, Valmiera
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