The Viesata river trail is located in Tukums region, and it winds along the banks of the picturesque Viesata river.

On the trail, you can meet not only various forest animals but also interesting sights - unique trees, 200-year-old pines, rock outcrops of sand, clay and pebbles, springs, as well as the impressive Spunstone, which is a specially protected natural object. The stone is a granite stone brought by glaciers, and its size is quite impressive - almost 2 meters high, 4,7 meters long.

Trail is circular and has been created in three different lengths, but when walking the longest path on the way forward and choosing the shortest route on the way back, the total distance is about 8 kilometers.


Irlava parish, Tukums district
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Irlava parish, Tukums district
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