Zilver house wines are made from homegrown fruits and berries. You have the chance to visit the wine shop. Tasting is also available for groups!

At the Zilver winery you are offered to taste Zilver made wines, you will definitely find the one which tastes the best to you. By prior arrangement it is possible to follow all course of wine making until the tiniest detail. Groups from 10 to 60 people are welcome.

The programme includes a survey of the production site, a story about the process of producing traditional home wines, then a tasting room for tasting of five fruit, berries, flower wines or wine distillates, for each one according to individual choice from the wines available at the time (usually 5-8), a story about the types of wines and the raw materials of wine in Latvia.

Possible to buy drinks to take away.

The total length of the excursion and degustation - 1,5 hours.

Credit cards accepted


Kalnabeites, "Pīlādži", Sigulda parish, Sigulda district
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Kalnabeites, "Pīlādži", Sigulda parish, Sigulda district
+371 26320208

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