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Unique museums in Latvia

Seeking answers to life’s big questions? You may find some of them at some special museums in Latvia. That’s if you’re interested in finding out how to create art from silver, where milk comes from and other interesting stuff.

We hope our selection inspires you to explore! 

Preiļi Museum of Dolls

A collection of hundreds of life-like dolls made by Latvia’s best-known doll artist who goes by the name Vladlena. After a visit to the doll gallery, visitors of all ages are invited to admire the on-site fantasy castle and play dress-ups. Vladlena boasts over 350 different costumes and accessories for memorable photoshoots.


Riga Art Nouveau Centre

Riga boasts the highest concentration of Art Nouveau buildings in any city in the world.

One of the best free things to do here is going on an Art Nouveau-themed walk, gazing up at the incredible features and sculptures peeking down on passers-by from the facades. But visitors can also take a look inside a period apartment at the Riga Art Nouveau Centre to learn how well-to-do Rigans lived in the early 20th century.

Foto Kārlis Dambrāns


Daugavpils Lead Shot Factory

The oldest ammunition plant in Northern Europe and home to the only functioning shot tower in Europe. Explore the factory and test your skills at the on-site shooting gallery.


Living Silver Museum

Latvia’s best-known silversmith Olegs Auzers has produced pieces for numerous VIPs, including Queen Elizabeth II, Pope Benedict XVI and George Bush. Find out the tricks of the trade and where to find inspiration for the truly remarkable silver artworks.


Dairy Museum and Milk Manor – Berghof

What’s the story of milk before it reaches our fridge via the supermarket? Learn all about the milk production cycle from teat to bottle. Talking cow Venta will help guide you. Before or after your visit, schedule a relaxing soak in a milk bath at the adjacent spa in the main manor building.

Muzeji Rīgā
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