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The city, with Dinaburgas Castle at its centre, was founded by the Livonian Order, but it had been ruled over by Poles, Swedes, Russians and Germans. History has left its mark on Daugavpils in its architecture, the diversity of its residents, and its culture. Get to know Daugavpils by visiting these sights!

Daugavpils Fortress

Daugavpils cietoksnis

Daugavpils Fortress is a significant cultural and historical object, which covers an area of 2 km2.

It has a centuries-old history, which can especially be felt in the Museum of World War I. But you can also discover Daugavpils Fortress under the cover of night together with the representatives of Daugavpils Bat Centre.


Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre

Daugavpils Marka Rotko mākslas centrs

Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre is the only place in Eastern Europe where it is possible to see the painter's original works. It is an international art complex located in a historical place - Daugavpils Fortress.


Church Hill

Baznīcu kalns Daugavpilī

A place where four churches stand side by side. Each of them represents a different denomination, but together they create a truly fantastic architectural ensemble.


Latgale Zoo

Daugavpils Latgales zoodārzs

Various exotic animals live in the exposition and laboratory of Latgale Zoo: iguanas, meerkats, monkeys, pythons, crocodiles, turtles, scorpions and other residents of tropical forests and Latvian landscapes. Anyone interested in the exposition can see the animals, as well as book a tour.


Šmakovka Museum

Šmakovkas muzejs Daugavpils

The biggest Šmakovka museum in Latvia, that offers a modern and appealing story about this strong drink of Latgale, as well as a tasting at the end of the tour.


Daugavpils Lead Shot Factory

Daugavpils skrošu rūpnīca

In Daugavpils lead shot factory you will feel the unique industrial atmosphere of the 19th century in the historical lead shot casting workshop and learn how ammunition is produced. You will be able to climb the lead shot casting tower and test the ready production at the factory's shooting-gallery.


Daugavpils Centre

Daugavpils centrs

The attractive aura of the Daugavpils centre is created by architecture and parks that have preserved the city's history. Take a walk along the pedestrian Rīgas iela and see for yourself.


Daugavpils Innovation Centre

Zinātkāres centrs "Zinoo Daugavpils"

Curiosity is the path to knowledge, but knowledge explains miracles. Daugavpils Innovation Centre is an interactive exposition based on the principles of physics, as well as a large active area for children.


Daugavpils Clay Art Centre

Daugavpils Māla mākslas centrs

The centre offers an opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of Latgale - ceramics and pottery traditions, to get involved in the working process, to see exhibitions and to learn the secrets of the craft.


Adventure Park “Daugavpils Tarzāns”

Daugavpils Tarzāns

Have active recreation in the adventure park “Daugavpils Tarzāns”, where 6 obstacle tracks are available for both children and adults.


This is only a small part of Daugavpils’ offerings. If you want to plan your holiday trip around Latvia, we recommend you use a trip planner!

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