Cena Moorland is Latvia’s second largest bog, and it is a specially protected nature territory – a nature reserve as well as Natura 2000 territory. Cena Moorland has a 5 km long footpath trail, and in the middle of it, there is a viewing tower that allows to see the moorland from above.

The area of Cena Moorland used to be similar to Latvia’s largest bog – Teiči bog (19 587 ha), but due to human activities it has decreased to 6000 ha at the moment. Peat mining is still taking place in the bog, and it is possible to see the field of peat mining.

Cena Moorland in spring is especially appealing for birdwatchers. 10 of Latvia’s and Europe’s protected bird species as well as several other small birds are there.


Cenas tīrelis, Mārupe district

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Cenas tīrelis, Mārupe district