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Devil’s rock and Devil’s cave

The last greatest rock wall of the Gauja valley, 15 m high. 8 m below water level, the Devil’s cave – an ancient place of worship – has formed in the cliff. It is a protected geological object.

Today, this same place is vertical rock with a maelstrom in its place. If you look closely, you can still see crisscrossed prints on the walls of the rock made by the torrents. Fish fossils, for example the Placoderm fossil and some flora remnants of the Devonian Era, can be found in Devil’s Cave basset. It is actually the richest fossil place in the Sigulda area.

The Devil’s cave is located inside the rock, 8 m/7.5 ft above Gauja River.

This cave was formed by an underground spring, which has since vanished, and by the river’s erosion. The cave was actively formed about five thousand years ago. It is 35 m/115 ft deep.

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