Kemeri National Park is special for its great biological diversity, the unique Kemeri Bog, mineral waters and therapeutic mud found here.

The park stands out with its diverse world of wetlands. It is home to moss or raised bogs, fens, and transitional bogs. The Great Kemeri Bog is one of the largest of its kind in Latvia.

Spend a Fabulous Day in Kemeri National Park:

  • go on a walk along the nature trails at Lake Sloka, Forest House and Lake Kanieris;
  • visit the Great Kemeri Bog boardwalk at dawn;
  • go on a cycling trip along the Green Dune cycling path;
  • watch birds at Dunduri Meadows and observation towers at Lake Kanieris and Lake Sloka;
  • meet some birds as you walk the Reed Boardwalk;
  • enjoy the delicious smoked fish bought at Ragaciems Market;
  • take a part in some of the annual events at Kemeri National Park;
  • take the Barefoot Path near Lake Valgums.

Lake Kanieris

Lake Kanieris is one of the best birdwatching venues in the park. There is a birdwatching tower at the lake, and one of the largest juniper growths in Latvia leading there. Kanieris Hill Fort is near Lake Kanieris, it is best reached by taking the Kanieris Hill Fort Trail from the Antinciems-Caukciems Road that then goes through a fen. At the end of the trail, an observation platform has been built near the hill fort for a terrific view of Lake Kanieris.

Dunduri Meadows

Heck cows and Polski Konik horses are grazing in a large corral at the Dunduri Meadows amidst the forest. These species have been bred specifically to live in the wild and are close to their kin of old – aurochs and tarpans.

Flora and fauna

In The Park are hundreds of different species of moss, lichen, fungi. A lot of plant species are protected. Lake Kanieris and the Great Kemeri Bog are internationally-important areas for birds. The feeding and nesting opportunities in the park are particularly favourable.

Kemeri Resort

Kemeri National Park is also special in that the interaction between the dolomite bedrock and the bogs and fens has created sulphuring water. This is the reason why the Kemeri Resort was established already in the 18th century, popular with patients from all over Europe coming here for therapeutic sulphur and mud baths.

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