The specific colouring of Latgale, magnificent landscapes with castle mounds, lakes and forests, the unique Rāzna Lake, called the Latgale Sea, diversity of nature – was a substantially justified reason for establishing the Rāzna National Park in 2007.

Rāzna National Park (RNP) is a “Natura 2000” territory located in the Rēzekne Region, Mākoņkalna, Čornajas, Kaunatas and Lūznavas Parishes, in the Dagda Region, Andzeļu, Andrupenes and Ezernieku Parishes, and in the Ludzas Region, Rundēnu Parish. The park occupies an area of 59 615 ha. It was created to protect the natural values of Rāzna Lake and the surrounding areas, as well as the cultural and landscape environment characterising Latgale in the entire Latgale territory.

There are many lakes in the park area. For instance, the 57.56 square kilometre large Rāzna Lake is the second largest lake in Latvia. Due to its sandy beaches, it is also called the Latgale Sea. The lake is rich with fish and facilitated recreational areas where even industrial fishing by nets takes place. Of special interest is fishing under ice in winter!

The Ežezers Lake is unique - about 70 isle-type elevations are counted there. However, about half of them are reedy and rushy shallow places.  The Lake is said to have 33 – 36 isles.

The RNP’s territory also has the third highest hill in Latvia – Lielais Liepukalns (289 metres above the sea level), which is distinguished for its impressive relative height for Latvian conditions – 86 metres! And the Mākoņkalns hill (248 m above the sea level), located next to Rāzna Lake still has the preserved fragments of the practically inaccessible Volkenberg’s Stone Castle built by the Livonian Order in the 13th century.  It is really worth visiting Latvia’s youngest national park not only to be impressed with amazing landscapes, but also to get to know the special charm of the Latgale Region - friendly people, religious and cultural traditions and to see the closest towns - Rēzekne and Ludza.


Lipuški, Skolas iela 3, Mākoņkalns parish, Rēzekne district

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Lipuški, Skolas iela 3, Mākoņkalns parish, Rēzekne district