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Slitere National Park

Slitere National Park is located in the Northern Kurzeme peninsula washed by the Baltic Sea. The park is known for its incredibly beautiful vista – courtesy of the sea, broadleaf forests, bogs, wetlands, boreal forests and swamps.

For public convenience, there are:

  • several nature trails;
  • cycling paths;
  • routes for motorists, boaters, and hikers;
  • observation towers to discover the diversity and cultural history of the park.

Outdoor recreation:

  • Kolkasrags Pine and Evazi nature trails are good for any walker, while Peterezers nature Trail and Slitere nature trail will entail climbing steeper hills – but the views they afford will be well worth the effort;
  • The sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea are excellent for walks;
  • cycling paths to choose from: Mazbanitis (Choo-choo) Trail from Mazirbe to Sikrags, Slitere Circle (along the beaches of the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Riga) or the route through Liv fishing villages from Kolka to Sikrags;
  • experienced sailors are definitely recommended sail to Kolka Lighthouse at least once;
  • visit Sliteri during the bird migration period or take part in the annual Bird Days;
  • sample the traditional cuisine of Northern Kurzeme shores – sklandrausis and smoked fish.

What to see at Slitere National Park:

  • Cape Kolka – the horn where waters of the Sea Inlet (Gulf of Riga) and the Great Sea (Baltic Sea) meet;
  • Slitere Lighthouse on top of the Blue Hills;
  • Mazirbe (Ire) - visit the Liv People’s House, see a collection of ancient Liv items at Sturisi, the boat cemetery;
  • A collection of antlers in Vaide’s Purvziedi includes over 550 items.

Flora and fauna:

  • The national park lies along the migratory flyways, and there is immense concentration of migratory birds in the park at springtime;
  • Depressions and dunes (vigas and kangari in Latvian) – a panorama of dunes and grassy swamps in between, unique to Europe.

Liv Coast

The fishing villages on the shores of the sea that lie in the territory of the national park offer visitors a chance to learn about the cultural heritage of the Livs, which is also important part of the cultural and historic heritage of Northern Europe.

Each has something special – unique features of fishermen buildings that have been preserved through centuries, the reserved charm of the scenery.

Events in Slitere National Park:

  • Slitere Traveller Days – guided tours of the park, a fair of local goods and wares, workshops for children;
  • Slitere Insect Night – held on the first Saturday of August every year;
  • Liv Festival in Mazirbe – held on the first Saturday of August every year.
Dundaga district, Kolka parish
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