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The Staburags cliff of Rauna

The Staburags cliff of Rauna is a 3,5 m high and 17 m long travertine cliff, which has formed from moss covering with lime from the calcium carbonate rich spring water over many centuries. This is the only such nature object in Latvia since the great Staburags cliff of the Daugava River was flooded.

About the cliff

The Staburags cliff of Rauna is located on the right bank of the Rauna valley. It is unique and protected nature object. It is the most typical calcareous tufa moulding in Latvia.

For visitors attention

It is not advisable to climb on the cliff because it causes damages. You should use special nature trail but be careful because in rainy weather trail can be slippery. In surroundings you can come across some rare species of moss, fish and animals like otter and beaver.

Rauna district, Rauna parish, Rauna
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