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National Parks of Latvia

There are four national parks in Latvia:

#1 Gauja National Park

The largest and oldest in Latvia, where 2/3 of all caverns and grottoes in Latvia are located.


#2 Kemeri National Park

Known for the unique Kemeri Marsh and famous for its natural mineral springs and medicinal mud.


#3 Razna National Park

Established to protect the diversity of biotopes in Lake Razna and nearby.


#4 Slitere National Park

Known for its Blue Hills that, thousands of years ago, formed the shores of the Baltic Ice Lake.


The national parks are meant to protect natural values, such as Gutmanis Cavern, the widest and highest one in the Baltics. They are home to rare bird species, including the corn crake that is slowly disappearing in Western Europe, and a variety of wildlife, for example, such large specimen as elks.

While visiting nature trails or embarking on a biking or boating trip, one can explore untouched wooded areas. In the parks, visitors can see all tree species characteristic of Latvia, from various deciduous trees to spruces and pines.

Although they are especially pleasant to visit in the summer, late spring or early autumn, the winter panorama has special magic.

Gauja National Park
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Gauja National Park

The Gauja National Park is the largest and oldest of the national parks in Latvia, characterized by great biological diversity, variety of...
Great Kemeri Bog boardwalk
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Kemeri National Park

Kemeri National Park is special for its great biological diversity, the unique Kemeri Bog, mineral waters and therapeutic mud found here.
Rāznas ezers
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Rāzna National Park

The specific colouring of Latgale, magnificent landscapes with castle mounds, lakes and forests, the unique Rāzna Lake, called the Latgale...
Slitere National Park
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Slitere National Park

Slitere National Park is located in the Northern Kurzeme peninsula washed by the Baltic Sea. The park is known for its incredibly beautiful...
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