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West Latvia (Kurzeme)

The natural and cultural-historical heritage of Kurzeme is as beautiful as the long woolen skirts of the Suiti wives and rich as the natural diversity of the Līvi-inhabited Baltic Sea coast. There will be something to see and enjoy in every season – both summer and winter, bright spring and colorful autumn. Here you will be fascinated by nature and history stories. You can still find some amber stones washed ashore.

Getting to know the sea on the Jūrtaka route


Photo: I.Rusakovs

It seems that nature itself has taken care that in Kurzeme you will be able to enjoy all the diversity of Latvia. Here, following the fantastic Jūrtaka route, you can experience the wavy Baltic Sea and enjoy the calm Mazjūra – it is called the Gulf of Riga in Kurzeme.


Jūrkalne Seashore Bluffs

Jūrkalne Seashore Bluffs is one of the most picturesque seashores in Latvia, boasting a beautiful sandy beach and the highest seashore bluffs in Latvia.

Formerly known as Feliksbergs or Happy Mountain, Jūrkalne still makes those who like both lazy recreation and water sports happy. If you are a fan of seashore bluffs sightseeing, then also check out the Staldzene Seashore Bluffs!


Adventures during the hiking route "Mežtaka"


Photo: M.Sproģe

Walking along the miraculous Mežtaka routes, you can breathe in the pine air and see the most beautiful forests of the mainland. Plan it by yourself and go, and don't forget to wear comfortable shoes!


Ventas Rapid in Kuldiga

Ventas rumba Kuldīgā

Photo: V.Skudre

Venta Rapid in Kuldiga is a unique natural monument in Latvia, as well as the widest waterfall in Europe, where flying fish can be seen.


Coastal lakes in Pape and Engure

Papes dabas parks

Photo: V.Skudre

There is a nature park by Lake Engure, which will surprise you with rare plants, wild cows and horses. In the nature park "Pape" you will be able to get acquainted with unique natural ecosystems and breathtaking landscapes. Here, wild horses and horns graze the natural floodplain meadows that are rare in Latvia, but in autumn here operates the only migratory bird observation station in Latvia. In Kurzeme it is also worth visiting the nature park "Bernāti".


The wine hill of Sabile

Vīna kalns Sabilē

Photo: R.Hofmanis

Go on a romantic wine tour in Kurzeme – in several wineries you can learn the nuances of the wine-making process and taste wine.


Kurzeme manors

Muiža pils

Photo: M.Ignats

When traveling around Kurzeme, do not miss the opportunity to discover its castles and manors. There are a large number of them here, and each introduces its era, from the medieval fortifications – Šlokenbeka Manor and Ventspils Livonian Order Castle, to the youngest castle in Latvia – Jaunmoku Castle, built in 1901 and served as a hunting castle for the heads of the city of Riga at that time. Both historical interiors and museum expositions can be seen in the castles. Parks of various types and sizes have been created near the castles.


Let yourself be captured by the garden and the park!

Photo: A.Jermuts

Visiting gardens and parks is a grateful travel destination, as you can both enjoy the beauty of nature and withstand the heat of the sun or avoid the sudden onset of rain, as you can hide in the shade of large trees.

In Kurzeme you will find more than one wonderful park or beautiful flower garden, for example, the rose garden “Rozītes”, the Kuldīga city garden, "Dienlilijas" garden or the roses route in Tukums! Here you can visit both the ornamental gardens and the unusually beautiful collection gardens. Being there, you will want something new for your garden.


Travelling with children

Džūkstes pasaku muzejs

When going on a trip around Kurzeme with children, you will get to know both nature and history, meet unusual people and see a lot of animals.

Some ideas for visiting Kurzeme for families with children: Džūkste Fairy Tale Museum, Pastariņš Museum, Nature Recreation Park "Laumas", Mazbānītis at the Seaside Open-Air Museum in Ventspils, Ostrich Farm "Nornieki".


An excitement for gourmets

An integral part of Kurzeme fishing villages is fish markets, which can be proud of the wide range of offers provided by local fishermen. In addition, several farms offer their guests to participate in the fish smoking process. On the way to Kurzeme, taste another traditional dish of the region, such as sklandrauši (rye flour pies stuffed with potatoes and carrots), biguzi (rye bread with whipped cream) or bukstiņputra( pearled grains with potatoes).

But if you want to have a snack, you can find different variations of cottage cheese, taste honey or learn to bake real bread. Turn to taste shiitake mushrooms or an ostrich product.

Visit these places to delight your taste buds with local benefits: “Abavas” wines, Jaunpils beer, Užavas beer, Sabiles cider brewery“Curonia” coffee roasters.

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